Grenada:  last night

March 19, 2022

I am still here at St. Louis marina in Grenada.  Everything took longer than expected and only today the last job was done.  We are departing tomorrow, most likely bound to Curacao.  We’re starting the trip well behind schedule and time is not on my side.  I did some research and Curacao is fully opened, they don’t require PCRs or quarantines.  That helps.

Tomorrow Sunday I just need to set the wind vane, buy ice, and attach the jack lines.  The guys from the marina will come at 8:30am sharp to help me with the lines.  

You can follow the voyage at:

The picture is similar to the on in the last post except that in this one ANTARES has her new solar panels installed (two on top of the Bimini and one forward of the dodger.

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