About Me

My name is David Robalino, a labor economist and sailing aficionado.  Until recently, I was living in Washington DC working for the World Bank as manager of the Jobs Group.  I am now based in Beirut where my wife, Natalia, is starting a new job (also with the World Bank).  In this blog/journal  I write about my travels in Antares, some of my work, and day-to-day life.

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi David

    My name is Mike Lewis. I am a fishery biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service, based in Silver Spring, MD. You are currently living my dream, right down to the boat. A friend has a Bristol 40 and we are working on an arrangement for me to take ownership over a few years. My long term plan is to cruise in it with my wife and daughter, hopefully following a path similar to yours I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog. Thanks for taking the time.


    1. Mike. Many thanks for your email. Bristols are great boats. Hope you will soon be on your way with your family. I will soon post the next series of blogs.



    2. Mike,

      We have cruised for almost three years with our son and daughter. It has been the best experience of all of our lives I believe. You won’t regret it.

      Let me know if I can give you more info. You can contact me at the website below, which details some of our experiences.

      Greg Close
      SV Daystar
      http://www.CloseQuarters.us – cruising blog


  2. David,

    We are passing through Spanish Wells on our way north, and I spotted your pretty little sloop (at least I think it’s yours).

    I noticed that your boat has incurred some cosmetic damage topsides from rubbing against a piling. I was very tempted to hop on board and fix the dock lines myself, but instead I made the marina folks do it. (They are good folks).

    I hope you are able to get down and sail soon, but it seems you are from the DC area, which is where we are bound. Perhaps we can hoist a brew or two.

    Safe sailing!

    Greg Close
    SV Daystar
    http://www.CloseQuarters.us cruising blog


    1. Greg, many thanks for your message. I ve called the Marina trying to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I ll be traveling back on July 21st with my two daughters (I know, not the best season). We will be crusing Eleuthera and then the Exumas. Final destination is George Town. From there to Havana in November. Will checkout your blog !


  3. “Not the best season” – you have to go whenever you can! How old are your daughters? Those are great cruising grounds you have planned. Wish we could have made it to Havana. Sail safe! Have fun!


    1. They are 6 and 11; the eldest will actually celebrate her 11th birthday somewhere in the Exumas on August 5th. I saw your blog. Beautiful boat ! Will continue to follow.



  4. David, I gave the marina a chance. They did a poor job. We had a squall w/ 35kts N last night that worsened the cosmetic damage. I’m just going to hop on board and tie the boat myself if you don’t mind.


  5. Usually I’m politically savvy, but I’ve definitely gotten myself crossways with these people. They are pretty pissed at me. But I don’t care. They should learn how to use dock lines.

    On the bright side, I examined the boat. I think they’ve finally gotten i right this morning.

    Cheers, Mate!


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