Grenada:  sleep disruptions and a short update

March 13, 2022

Washington was cold and I didn’t venture far outside the house. While Marina and Sofia were in school I was working, and at night went out for dinner.  It was good to see them. I didn’t see anybody else, except Richard briefly one afternoon, and was in bed early every night.  Still, I didn’t sleep much.  A  a couple of nights I had to wake up at 1am to teach virtually and couldn’t fall sleep afterwards. The other nights I would wake up at around 3am and stay awake for a while, my mind wandering — the trip to Grenada carrying the solar panels and all the boat gear was a source of concern.  Halo, the Amazon App that connects to a band I wear on my wrist tells me I have been sleeping poorly most nights.  Not good. 

I left Washington DC this past Friday on a 6am flight bound to Miami where I connected to Grenada. I was very pleased when at 16h local time I exited the airport in St George with my 53×35“ boxes carrying the solar panels and all my bags.  Jerry, who manages a transportation small business, was waiting for me and his son drove me to St. Louis Marina.  ANTARES was looking more beautiful than ever. The new dodger and bimini had been installed and they looked good.  Patrick who does some of the boat maintenance helped me unpack the solar panels so that I could store them in the V berth — impossible to fit the boxes through the companion away.  I had feared that they would get damaged during the trip but they were in good shape.  Tomorrow and electrician is coming to help me install them.  The only thing that didn’t make it was the new compressor for the fridge.  It has “gas under pressure” and it is forbidden by the airlines.  I did’t even try. Will have to find a freight company to ship it to Panama along with the dinghy, like I did with the Torquedo.  

Over the weekend I managed to do some work on the boat but had to spend time on the computer because I have a deadline tomorrow. Today Sunday I did take the afternoon off, worked out, swam a few laps in the pool and then read the hard copy of Master and Margarita in one of the long chairs under the shade of an apricot tree.  The first two nights I ate at Victoria’s, the restaurant in the marina,  but tonight I’m cooking. I was able to buy some groceries and essentials yesterday and after my gin at sunset I will play some music and start chopping onions and tomatoes for a Spanish rice. I have a couple of bottle of wine and I will have some with dinner (of the wine not the bottles). 

I hope that after tomorrow I will be more relax and can focus on preparing for the passage. I am afraid I am running out of time.  Time, precious time. More reports will follow…

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