Paris: Alive after Beirut´s Explosion

August 6th, 2020

Natalia and I could have died two days ago in Beirut.  By chance, we traveled to Paris the morning of the day of the explosion.  We were walking through the city when the news reached us.  Our building and apartment are completely destroyed and several people died.  If we had stayed in Beirut, most probably we would also have ceased to exist.  The building where we leaved is just in front of the site of the explosion so, as the picture attests, the damage was massive. 

We have lost most of our possessions.  I will miss a few paintings and sculptures but, at the end, they all are material things that can be replaced eventually if really needed.  I never wanted to be attached to a place and have tried to keep to the minimum the number of things I really need.  The good news is that most of Antares electronics that I keep with me were inside a closet that was not affected.  Important documents and papers, including Antares´ papers, were also spared.  

We are now trying to enjoy Paris though we remain under the shock; I feel a bit numb.   We have walked a lot and enjoyed lunches and dinners at different places.  Yesterday night I had the most delicious andouillette at La Fontaine de Mars along with a bottle of a 2013 St Stephe. Wine prices are very reasonable here.  

The weather so far has been very pleasant.  That might change tomorrow when a heat wave is expected to hit the city.  It will be then the time to visit museums.  Orsay will be the first.




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