The Scape: bound to Washington DC

May 31st, 2020

Lufthansa had a flight, today,  to repatriate Americans to the US.  Although I am not an American, I was able to get a seat. So, I’m writing from Gate 21 at Beirut airport which, as you can imagine,  is deserted.  All shops, cafes, and restaurants are closed. 

From here I go to Frankfurt where I will spend the night at the airport Hotel.  Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will board a United Airlines flight bound to Washington DC.   

And from Washington DC, at some point, not too far into the future, I will fly to St Martin…

I just got an e-mail from Natalia.  Starting tomorrow, the curfew will begin at midnight.  Most businesses are allowed to operate, restaurants at 50%. A vast improvement, though I’m not going to enjoy it. 

The first picture was taken last weekend in Batroun.  We spent two nights in a B&B, lost in the mountains.  The second, our last dinner at home.  I will miss  Natalia very much.  


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