Indecision: DR, Jamaica, T&C?

Antares is almost ready to go.  But the question now is where ?  The original plan was to sail towards Manzanillo Bay in Dominican Republic and from there follow the north coast to Luperon and, eventually, Puerto de Plata.  But the weather is not cooperating.  The problem is not as much the passage to Manzanillo; it can be done beating into 20-25Kts of wind.  The problem is that, once there, there will be winds along the coast blowing at 25-30Kts, probably more with gusts.  According to Chris Parker the anchors I was planning to use are likely to be untenable. And the situation is not likely to change any time soon.  I ve been here in South Side marina since Wednesday afternoon preparing the boat (and socializing with fellow cruisers).  I was supposed to leave tomorrow, Sunday, to French Cay and then on Monday to DR.  It’s not going to happen.

The alternative is to sail to Puerto Antonio in Jamaica.  There is a nice marina and shipyard there (Erol Flint).  It had been the original plan anyways.  But the truth is that the idea of going south-east towards Grenada has grown on me.  It means having one more season to cruise the Caribbean with Natalia and the girls before heading to Panama.

I need to make a decision tonight.  If I go to Jamaica I should depart tomorrow early in the morning.  Will report back…




Writing from the navigation table




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