From Turks and Caicos to Dominican Republic

Well, it seems I m going back to T&C on Wednesday for a solo passage to Luperon in the DR.  I have my airplane tickets, my carry-on is packed, the new drone (Karma by GoPro) is ready in its, small, case. I’m just waiting for the dry food to close the bag where I bring parts and, instant coffee from Starbucks. The food should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday.  This time I don’t plan to be cooking or brewing coffee at night. Bob and friends at South-Side marina have been working on Antares (engine, wind-vane, dodger). I will take Thursday, Friday and Saturday to finish preparing her for the sea and depart, weather permitting, on Sunday or Monday.

Luperon is just 130 miles or so from T&C.  Unfortunately, the prevailing winds at the this time of the year make it a, mostly, upwind passage.  My conservative plan is to sail towards Manzanillo Bay at the frontier between Haiti and DR and, from there, motor-sail along the north coast towards Luperon stopping in Montecristi, Loma Rucia, and Cabo Isabela. It should take me 4 days and 4 nights to get to Ocean World Marina where I plan to leave Antares.


This will be my fist solo passage and part of me is really looking forward to it.  Will try to keep daily, short, updates.





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