Phuket:  Farewells and greetings; The Bounty; hidden auction for the Slocum 43; travel plans…

August 14, 2022

The girls and I flew to Bangkok last Thursday to prepare their trip back west. We enjoyed a couple of days in the big city, and I was glad to see everything was in order in the apartment.  Natalia had purchased several weeks ago a new red table for the entrance hall, and it was delivered on Friday – a beautiful piece of craftsmanshift.  I also had the pleasure of having a glass of BOTANIST gin before sunsets, here in Pukhet I only have Gordons.  

Marina left Bangkok late on Friday and Sofia last night. After Sofia boarded her plane, I flew back to Phuket where Natalia and Woland were waiting for me.  Natalia very glad to have me take over Woland’s care, and Woland simply happy to have me back.  I will miss both girls very much; their visit was too short.  The reality is that as they grow their interests, ways and people with whom they want to spend their vacations diversify. 

Natalia didn’t have complaints about Woland.  It’s just that he requires time and dedication, and imposes a certain routine; he gets up early, needs to go out several times a day to eliminate, he can’t be left alone for more than 2-3 hours in his crate, he needs basic obedience training, and he demands plenty of exercise and play time or gets bored and frustrated – let’s not forget that he is only 3 months old.  

This morning he woke me up at 5:30. I walked him briefly and then served him breakfast of barf. While I prepared and drank coffee writing e-mails, he was chewing a cow hoof.  By 7 Natalia got up and we all went for a run at the beach.  He did well. 

He is now sleeping while Natalia catches-up with work and I write this. It will be a simple Sunday.  Newspapers and magazines, brunch at the beach with Bloody Mary’s and a bottle of Cava, a book.  After a finishing reading a bad book about sailing (Philosophy of Sailing by Cristian Williams), I started The Bounty by Caroline Alexander.  It is supposed to be the most accurate depiction of the events leading to and following the mutiny.  I also have The Robber Barons recommended by Webb Chiles, it might be next.  

Webb also pointed me to a recent brokerage ad in Yachting World of the Slocum 43 I am trying to buy.    I had made an offer (conditional) that was accepted by the owner and was waiting for files and paperwork to proceed with the transaction.  I will contact the broker.  I hope the add was posted before my offer and that they are not running an auction behind my back. I doubt it. If all goes well I plan to fly to Ecuador in October and to Cartagena in November (with Woland).   

The title of this journal has changed. No more reference to boats models, but the voyage and my life will continue.

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