Bangkok:  prisoner; no alcoholic. 

October 23th, 2021

We have been in prison for almost seven days now.  They let us go out for one hour in the morning but otherwise we are confined to our cell.  They bring us mediocre food three times a day with water or a sugary juice of intense colors.  Ethanol is not allowed.  

I guess the one good thing about this hotel arrest is that I can now confirm I am not a chronic alcoholic. After 7 days sober I have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms.  I have also not experienced any of the benefits that people who become teetotalers are supposed to experience.  My mood and intellectual capacities remain the same and I don’t feel more energized or motivated. I’ve gotten more work done this week but it is not because of an increase in labor productivity.  I have simply doubled the hours of work since there is not much else I can do here.

In that one hour outside the cell we get each day they take us to the gym/swimming pool. We don’t really get to access the gym, but they have put at our disposal, in the corridor of that floor, a trade-mill (which I use), an elliptic machine (that Natalia uses), and a bicycle (that nobody uses). We are also not allowed to swim but after the machines we go outside, where the pool is.  Natalia does bar exercises, and I do some pushups (100,60,40) and crunches (100,80,70).  Then back to the cell to take a shower (I guess that is a luxury you don’t have in most prisons).    

In my current situation there are scarce opportunities to take pictures.  I am just posting this one of the view from the table where I am writing (and from where I work, teach, and eat my mediocre asian food). The desk close to the window is used by Natalia. That open suitcase on the floor is also hers.

Tomorrow Sunday they set us free.  The bars in Bangkok are still closed and the restaurants are not yet allowed to serve ethanol, but we can buy spirits and wines in the supermarket.  I will also buy something to cook and look forward to having a romantic dinner in our, temporary, new place…. Will report back soonest.

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