Beirut: content, candlelights, the sea, pampered, falling apart

May 14, 2020

The return trip to Washington DC last Friday was a fiasco.  The flight from Grenada to Miami was delayed and I would have missed the connection to DC except that flight was also delayed — as were the bags.  I got home at 3am on Saturday.  

But it was good to spend time with my daughter  Sofia over the weekend. On Monday morning  I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine, Tuesday morning had another PCR, and I flew back to Beirut that night.  Landed here at midnight on Wednesday. A long flight despite the fact that I slept some 8 hours on the leg to Doha.  I was also able to get some work done. The main disappointment was that none of the restaurants/bars at the airport in Doha were serving alcohol because of Ramadan.  So I was dry during my 4 hours stay there, mainly reading “Work,” by James Suzman, a book I had just started

Not much to report since my arrival.  I am adapting to this part of my life, trying to catch-up with work, but overall feeling content; it was a great trip.  I missed Natalia and it’s good to be back. 

The country is locked down until today at midnight.  But I’m planning a romantic candlelight dinner. The store that imports wines reopened a couple of weeks ago and Natalia had the prescience to replenish our reserves of reds and whites.  So, there will be choices to make in terms of what I serve. Will deal with that after after posting this and pouring myself a gin.  

I am also looking forward to the weekend.  Tomorrow my friend Ibrahim, her girlfriend, Natalia and I are going to go out on his boat. The plan is to motor (unfortunately it’s a motor boat) to Biblos and have lunch there, stopping somewhere in between for a swim. Once back, Natalia and I will have a date at night. Then on Sunday we are thinking about going to O Chalet in Anfeh, the beach town up north, for day. It is a place to lie under the sun, read, swim, and enjoy their seafood and wines. 

Otherwise, back in Grenada Antares is being pampered. For now her teak is getting a few coats of varnish and the work is proceeding well.  She will also get her deck repainted.  The one who is not doing well is the dinghy; the PVC continues to fall apart.  Terry, the person who is responsible for Antares during my absence, sent me an email today attaching a picture and asking me whether I would like him to bring the dingy to the repair shop.  I don’t think I am going to do it. With what I’ve paid trying to fix it I could have bought a new one.  So that is what I plan to do. I am thinking about a small Zodiac with a roll-up floor.  I don’t want aluminum floors, which is what I had in the previous two tenders— they are hassle to install and to store — and I am not sure about  inflatable floors. Will have to do some research. 

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