TG, Arm, Shouf Biosohere (Cedar Forest), Deir El Qamar, Mast, Fiestas de Quito

December 6, 2020

We had a fine Thanksgiving with a few friends who came over for lunch (the lockdown started at 5pm so we couldn’t do dinner).  I was in charge of the Turkey, gravy, the stuffing and the selection of wines.  This time I cooked the stuffing separately, in a casserole. I filled the turkey, instead, with bits of apples, pears, oranges, as well as chopped celery and rosemary, mainly to give flavor to the juices that then go into the gravy.  Natalia was in charge of the salads. She also came up with a new recipe for the mashed potatoes that uses Dijon mustard and lemon. Unfortunately, we didn’t take photos that day. The photo of the turkey was taken the previous night while it was marinating.  

After our guest left Natalia and I had a night cap. Just before going to bed I fell and I injured my right arm. Next day I went to the emergency room. The X-ray showed that nothing was broken; just a very bad contusion. I couldn’t type for a couple of days. Now I can, but it is still impossible to do things like pushups or lifting weights. Even running is problematic as the arm moves.  So to burn calories we have been hiking instead.  Saturday after TG we went to Cedar Forest and Tuesday and Wednesday last week to Deir El Qamar (the lockdown ended on Monday).  Both great places to walk and breathe pure air, and the weather was quite pleasant.  

As for Antares’s mast, I finally heard back from the rigger.  He won’t cut the mast.  He will add a plate of aluminum fixed by threaded screw which, according to him, “can take up the compression forces.”  Cost: 400 Euros.

Today is the anniversary of the foundation of Quito, the city were I was born.  It was founded in 1534 by the Spaniards.  In 1830 Ecuador declared independence from Gran Colombia and Quito became the capital of the newly established state. People have been celebrating since last week.  We have been celebrating here too and tonight the celebrations continue. We are going for dinner at a friend’s. A very charming and eccentric friend.  I m looking forward.  

Next is going to be a busy week.  Several things need to be done, including for work, before we travel to Ecuador on Saturday.  

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