Ecuador, 27 hours, and the Pope


I am in Quito, Ecuador visiting my parents.  Arrived Saturday.  It took me 27 hours from Beirut with stopovers in Frankfurt and Panama City.  Didn’t sleep much.  I was seating in economy class, middle of the plane, window seat.  At least people don’t bother you there when they go to the WC.   Watched four movies; my brain couldn’t handle more. Read a few pages of Webb Chiles the Passage Log.

Yesterday I was up at 4am, today at 5am; the jet lag is getting better. Haven’t done much yet.  

My sister, at whose place we are all staying, has a small fish tank with 4 small, orange, fish.  One has become white with time.  He is the largest. My mother calls him The Pope.  

I plan to do some work today, fix the battery of the car I use while in Ecuador, and travel to Casa Blanca tomorrow.  I need to deal with several maintenance and administrative problems.  I m looking forward to parts of the trip (like celebrating my friend Fred’s 60 birthday), but not others.


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