Updating the site, another Blog, aperitif

My main achievement today was to update this site.  I  added a “Menu.”   It sounds simple, but it took me a while to understand how WordPress works.

I did it because the blog that was documenting my travels with Antares  is evolving into something that resembles more a  journal; which I need to have.  And since now I am no longer blogging in my old-job’s blog, I also wanted to have a place  where I can write about the work I do.  The menu lets the reader choose between posts related to sailing (most of them now), posts related to work (none for now), and others.  I also updated the “about.”  There is an “about Antares” (which comes from the first post in the original blog), and an updated “about me.”

While working on the site I was thinking about other sailing Blogs I follow.  By “follow,” I mean blogs for which  I have developed a certain addiction.  Everyday I’m checking if there are new posts and where there are none, which happens often, I am disappointed.  One of those blogs — really a Journal — is Webb Chiles’s.  If you haven’t, check it out.


We invited a couple to have dinner with us tonight, somewhere in the neighborhood.  We can’t entertain yet, but they will stop by the apartment for an aperitif. I need to buy some sparkling wine and put it in the fridge.  Then I’ll head to one of the local bars and have a well deserved G&T.

The picture today is random; not related to this short post: the view of the port here in Beirut.  Everyday massive cargos of all types come and go.    IMG_7172




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