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  1. I have enjoyed your Blog on Antares – I also have an 81 Bristol 40 sloop cruising version: bought in 2002, refitted for 7 1/2 years then sailed for 3 years the Bahamas and Caribbean to Grenada and back to St. Petersburg, Fl. The only thing we didn’t do was rebuild the engine – wasn’t needed: thus no issues for 3 years and wonderful sailing! Recall sailing from T&C island directly to Luperon (marvelous – call ‘Handy Andy’ boat boy {he is 50+yrs} on VHF16 for help in the harbour; you’ll be glad you did). Stop in Samana Bay at the new incredible and in- expensive marina {Bahia de San Lorenzo} across the bay from Los Haitises National Park: the best marina I’ve ever seen. Then straight to PR. Marina in the Lagoon of St. George’s, Grenada is nearly as nice and also very reasonable price for the off-season: hated leaving after 6 months! Good luck with your book and sailing adventure! Don


    1. Dear Don,

      Many thanks for your e-mail, and all the recommendations. It is great to know that another Bristol 40 was in those waters cruising for three years ! I also haven’t done much with the engine, other than replacing the injection pump. Would love to see some pictures of your boat and cruise if you can share.



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