Moving to Beirut

Natalia, the two dogs and I arrived yesterday afternoon. She has a new job here and I, after eighteen years at the World Bank, will be looking for something new to make a living. Hopefully something that will give me more time for sailing.  For now, we are loving the new apartment and the neighborhood, Mar Mikhael.  There are many bars and restaurants, a place to buy vegetables, a place to buy meat, a bakery, and several food stores.  From the living room, where I’m writing, I have a spectacular view of the Mediterranean, the port, the city and the mountains. Today the sea is peaceful, there is not much wind.  It’s a bit hot outside.

We did some shopping in the morning to have the basics as our furniture won’t be here until mid-August. An inflatable mattress and couch, some pots and pans, a bathroom curtain, food and wine.  No need for a car so far, though I would like to get a motorcycle.

Natalia starts working tomorrow.  I will have a couple of meetings this week to explore consulting opportunities.  I will also call the boat yard in Turks and Caicos to check on Antares.  I don’t think they have made much progress with the various jobs I had asked them to do for her to be ready for sail south in November…


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