Going Back to Georgetown for Maintenance Work

I am about to go back to Georgetown Exumas.  It has been already two and a half months since Natalia and I were there during Thanksgiving.  It was a short, relaxing, and uneventful trip other than for the loss of the Antares’ swimming ladder and, almost, a boat hook and the inflatable.  While in Spanish Town last summer the pin of one of the mounts that hold the stair to the genoa track fell overboard. I hand’t been able to find a replacement and while in GT I forgot to fold/store the ladder before crossing Elizabeth Harbor the first day of our cruise! It was only after Natalia lost the boat hook while trying to pickup a mooring at Chat and Chill and wanted to use the ladder to retrieve it that I realized it was no longer there.  I didn’t know at the time, but it was a very expensive loss.  Last week I  finally found the, only, company that produces the ladder (Mystic Stainless and Aluminium Inc.) and they charged me USD 750 for a replacement ! Natalia did recover the hook though (using a second hook) and eventually picked up the mooring.

The dinghy was also a silly thing. While exploring the beaches north of our anchorage in Stocking Island, Natalia decided to climb the hill at Monument Beach (to see the monument up close).  We went ashore and “attached” the dinghy to a big stone that was lying there on the beach. It didn’t work.  When we made it to the top of the hill and started to take pictures I saw, at the distance, our dinghy drifting away.  We came down as fast as possible, Natalia ahead of me.  It took her less than10 minutes to reach the beach but it was too late; the dinghy was beyond her reach.  Thankfully the captain of one of the sailing boats at anchor was in the cockpit enjoying the breeze and saw the unmanned dinghy at drift.  He jumped into his inflatable and went to the rescue.  A few minutes later he was towing our dinghy back rotating his head from side to side as if saying “how can you guys do something that stupid.”  I still haven’t bought a small dinghy anchor but I will before the next cruise.


Antares at the marina in Georgetown with the ladder…
At the boatyard in GT, just when I arrive (ahead of Natalia)
Moored in Chat and Chill



But no need for this trip.  Antares in on the hard at the boat yard in GT and will stay there while I do some maintenance work.  Richard (who made the crossing to West End with me in Nov 2015) is coming. Rostin will also be there to help us. This is the list of things that we need to do:


We had some beautiful sunsets


– Paint part of the hull on the port side that was damaged during the summer at Stanley Cay (I hand’t written about it, probably ashamed, as it happened while we were shopping the first afternoon because the fender boards were not in the right place and, with the wind, the boat was rubbing against one of the piles).

– Install new instruments (speed, depth, wind) and transducers. I went for a wireless system — the Raymarin T108.  The installation should be easy and, in terms of performance, it can’t be worse than what I have now (no depth, no speed, and faulty wind measurements).

– Fix the throttle’s cable.  It seems to have broken or something. The throttle is not working

– Change the RACOR

– Add a second coat of varnish to the teak rails.

– Clean all stanchions and the windvane removing any rust that might be accumulating

– Clean the bilge and check the bilge pump

– Check and grease all seacoaks

– Check the engine hoses

– Check the rigging

– Bottom paint (this we won’t do, I m just brining the paint)



The list is long and I don’t have much time.  I plan to be there for 5 days.  But it is important that I complete these jobs before I go back during spring break with daughters in April.  Then June Richard and I are going to Turks and Caicos.  Havana is for November.

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