Disapointments During Labor Day Weekend

At around 4pm Saturday everything was ready for our departure; the girls had unpacked and folded their clothes, food was stored, wine was chilling in the fridge, the dogs were on board and I had just finished checking the various systems.  I went to the cockpit to turn on the engine but after cranking for a few seconds it didn’t fire.  The day before I had changed the primary fuel filter.  I didn’t try the engine afterwards but it seems that some air got in.  With the girls and Natalia becoming anxious at the prospect of not being able to go for our long-weekend cruise, I started to “bleed” the engine to get rid of the air bubbles. But it was a total failure.  I simply didn’t have the tools to reach and unscrew the nipples in the injection pump and high pressure lines.  So I told the family what by then they already knew:  we’re not going.  


We decided to spend the night at the marina anyways.  After a few appetizers, lemonade for the girls, champagne for Natalia, and a gin & tonic for me we fixed dinner. The girls went down to watch a movie and Natalia and I moved the bow to read.  We were all in our bunks before eleven.  


Natalia preparing dinner
The girls watching a movie



Whitehall Marina


Antares in her slip


We are now back in DC.  It is a beautiful, clouthless, day that, it seems, will offer livable temperatures.  We plan to do some shopping, have lunch in a place that overlooks the river, and then go for a long hike.   I would prefer to be in the boat now anchored somewhere, but that will have to wait…



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